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Workshop For Teachers By Buoyancee

Bettering the Best with Buoyancee

The teachers of Sree Cauvery School underwent a one-day motivational training on 31st May 2016 by Mr. Ajit Kaikini, the founder of Buoyancee along with his colleague Mr. Kasyap.

The objective of this workshop was not only to motivate the teachers to perform their duties better but also on discussing various ways for improving the student-teacher communication to optimize the teaching process.

Various topics discussed include :
  • Empathy towards children
  • Disciplining oneself to be a role model for children
  • Use of positive and respectful vocabulary
  • Constant motivation to children
  • Self analysis of the Talent-Interest-Personality (TIP) to see whether we suit the profession
  • Losing the inhibition and follow our heart
  • Importance of the art of articulation and relation to real life applications in making the teaching process interesting

There were also many group activities to stimulate team spirit and coordination. It was a wonderful way for the teachers to start the new academic year 2016 - 17.