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    Rules and Regulations
  1. All students must attend the school on the reopening day and the closing day, before and after each vacation, without fail.

  2. Students who do not attend the school punctually after the holiday are liable to have their names struck off the rolls. If they are re-admitted they will be considered as fresh admission and are liable to pay all the admission fees or a fine of Rs.10/- for each day.

  3. Students who have been absent from their classes must explain the reason for their absence from their parents or guardians on the first working day after their absence. Prior permission must be obtained from the Principal if the children are to remain absent for over 3 days.

  4. No student will leave the school premises during class hours without the permission of the Principal and Class Teacher.

  5. Parents or guardians are requested not to send their children bearing infectious disease to school.

  6. Students are expected to address their teachers, and all members of staff with due respect and politeness. Likewise their behavior towards their companions should also be the same.

  7. Any damage to the school property including ink stains, scratches etc will be severely dealt with.

  8. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience and conduct injurious to the morale of the children of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the student.

  9. The management reserves the right to expel any student for reason of habitual disturbance in the class, misbehavior and repeated disobedience to the instructions of the teacher and the Principal.

  10. Every student is expected to put in a minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of working days during the school Academic year. Shortage in attendance will affect his/her promotion to the next higher class.

  11. Parents of Pre-Primary children should make arrangements to take their children home as soon as their classes are over. The children will be handed over only to their parents or authorized persons introduced to the class teacher by the parent.

  12. Accidental minor injuries to children during school hours will be given first aid in the school. The parents will be informed if the children require further attention and they should take their children for further medical treatment.

  13. Students are medically examined every year by qualified doctors and any abnormalities in the health of the child are reported to the parent for appropriate action. The parents are expected to take necessary action to have the abnormalities rectified through their own doctors.

  14. No student should at any time, receive private tuition from the members of the staff, without securing the approval of the Principal.

  15. All correspondence addressed to the staff or students in the school are subject to inspection.

  16. Parents are welcome to meet the Principal on any working day (except Saturdays) in the office between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

  17. Prior permission in writing, countersigned by the Principal needs to be obtained in case of deviation from the standard uniform for any religious requirements.

  18. All types of wrist bands (Friendship, Rakhi, etc.) Holi colours, Personal cards/ gift for teacher/ Electronic gadgets etc., are banned.

  19. Parking of bicycles or any other vehicle in the school premises is at the owner's risk.

  20. The school will not take responsibility for the safety of any of the school children after school hours.