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I feel really proud for the fact that my daughter has completed her first step in her educational course from such an esteemed institution. What is it that this institution has not provided?

Oriented to both academics and co-curricular activities, has been its main motto. ‘Discipline’ has had its special place amidst all the activities. I highly thank the ‘KODAVA SAMAJ’ for their special role.

The institution has provided a firm foundation to each and every child so that the structure of the life stands on it and reaches heights.

I am a proud parent of a proud “CAUVERIAN”.

- POORNIMA SRINATH (Parent of Keerthana M. Srinath, Head Girl – Batch of 2011-12)

I feel great to be the parent of a Cauverian. This is from the bottom of my heart. During the last 10 to 13 years this institution has been an integral part of our life. Our children got the most important education from this esteemed school and we are very proud a nd happy about this. We have personally experienced the continuous growth of Sree Cauvery School in leaps and bounds and the interest they have been taking in the students, whether it is education or in the e xtra curricular activities. The institution has provided a very homely atmosphere for our children and great training in shaping their vision on the future and this will go a long way. As the parent of a Cauverian I strongly recommend the future students and their parents to look at Sree Cauvery School as a strong option for pursuing the education and they will not regret the same. As an educational institution, they have also allowed the children to be very compassionate to the needy. My child has inherited the school’s philosophy of respecting the elders and this will help her throughout her life.

I humbly sum up that I am a very satisfied parent of a Cauverian and I am sure other parents also agree with.

- Mr. T. Radhakrishnan

As parents of Cauverians, we are immensely proud and excited. Our children have derived explicit and remarkable know how from your Esteemed institution. Your institution is really an icon in itself to mould the younger generation. Hats off to all, for such an outstanding effort to bring the young ones aspiration come true. We pray let your institution cherish and flourish and come out in high flying colours.
- Mr. Mohd.Imtiaz

I take great pride in sending my son to 'CAUVERY SCHOOL'. My son's future is very bright because of the foundation laid by his teachers in school .In our days, School was not all that fun, In fact we used to wait for school to get over. Since I started sending my son to 'CAUVERY SCHOOL', there has never been a day when he said that school was boring. All the credit goes to the school and its educational system. They have struck a cord when it comes to balancing studies and extracurricular activities. He actively participates in all events and I believe this has helped him to broaden his horizons. The teachers have succeeded in insisting good values in him and have tapped his potential in academics. I would take this opportunity to express my soulful gratitude to this wonderful institution .

- Mr. Sukumar