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    Graduation Celebration
Sree Cauvery School once again bid adieu to yet another batch of young graduates from the portals of this institution. Dr. K.P. Puthuraya, Sr. Professor, International Medical College, was the Chief Guest for the evening.

The students sang in unison to invoke the blessings of the Lord as the traditional lamp was being lit by the dignitaries.

Reading from the holy scriptures, nostalgic moments at school reminisced by the head girl, award presentation to the best students, parents’ experiences with the school, words of wisdom by the Chief Guest formed the evening’s programme.

The Chief Guest Dr. Puthuraya had the crowd spellbound with his humourous speech wherein the students as well as parents were all applauds.

The school was plunged in darkness as the ‘Jyothidhan’ began. The light of knowledge was lit by our Principal and the Vice Principal from the mother lamp and passed on to the young budding graduates. Students walked down the aisle holding the light of knowledge for the tune of Asathoma, Sadhgamaya, Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya.

The evening concluded with a dinner for one and all.