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     Write-up by Prof. P.S. Appaiah
Each child is bestowed with a potential, but it has to be tapped and nurtured at the right time. Children are like beautiful flowers and have to be handled with care. An educational institution has the primary responsibility of moulding them into worthwhile citizens of tomorrow. Sree Cauvery School has the congenial atmosphere to perform this wonderful task.

Every child is creative at core, flexible in perception and thinking, confident and open-minded and completely sensitive to everything in its environment. Every child begins life's quest by the method of original search response- driven by which, the child searches for answers to every possible 'mystery' around himself or herself.

All children should grow and learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment. Our mission at Sree Cauvery School is to educate children through a comprehensive academic curriculum, supported by critical thinking skills, as well as communicating skills. Students are provided opportunities that promote mental, physical, emotional, social and cultural growth. The Principal and teachers play a major role in implementing and supporting the students to gain competence in the above areas. Sree Cauvery School has been shaped by the legacy it has inherited- it is an institution which has survived the winds of time.

The school had small beginnings but a rich heritage - a heritage, which is result of the foresight, dedication, sacrifice and toil of our founders. Sree Cauvery School has been at the forefront of the education scene in Bengaluru for the past 27 years.

In the present age with technology we have introduced 'Smart Classes' with LCD projectors and interactive boards in the classrooms. This will educate and equip students for the challenges of life. We will endeavour to equip them to be well informed and effective citizens of our country.

Prof. P.S. Appaiah,