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    Bal Janagraha
Bala Janagraha is a citizen’s movement in Bangalore started in 2001 that aims to improve the quality of public governance through citizen participation. It does this through a two - fold approach by working on formally creating spaces in the local government for citizens to voice their opinions in the city’s decision - making process and secondly strengthening citizen communities so that they can effectively participate in these spaces.

Bala Janagraha at school is a Janagraha programme that aims to inculcate “Citizenship Values” in children through community action. The focus is on acting locally. Through classroom activities, field trips and community projects, children learn about their local Government and about the civic services for their city. Guided by their class teachers, experienced community members, corporate and institutional volunteers, the children develop an understanding of the process of governance and their practical responsibility in it as citizens. During the course of the year, the Bala Janagraha team of teachers and volunteers will cover the topics in the book in several classroom sessions.

Website : www.janagraha.org

Written by Malathi Std. VIII.