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34th Annual Sports Day

'Sports does not build character. It reveals it'

Annual Sports Day is a much awaited event at Sree Cauvery School. We believe that Sports have a vital role in the sound development of a child, both physically and mentally.

The 34thAnnual Sports Day of our school was held on Saturday the 19th of November 2016 at the school premises.

The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Jaggaranda M Appachu, former Joint Director of Sports, Department of Youth Services and Sports. He had trained many international athletes for Olympics, Asian games and many more. He has also served as the State Athletic coach and was in charge of stadium maintenance in Bangalore.

The sports day began with the welcoming of the Chief Guest and other dignitaries by the school band. The Chief Guest hoisted the flag and took the salute from the Sports Captains. He also did the parade inspection of different houses, scouts, guides and NCC cadets. This was followed by the March Past performed by these groups, which was also graded.

Once the Chief Guest declared the sports meet open, the oath ceremony was held by the Sports Captain, Preethi P. One of the exciting moments of the day was, when the torch was lit by the Chief Guest and passed on by captains of different houses and finally to the Sports Captains, who along with our Physical Instructor, light the flame which represents the sportsmanship of the students.

The welcome speech was rendered by the Sports Captain, Akash Thimmaiah and the Annual Sports Report was read by our physical instructor, Mrs. Mallige, where special awards were given to students who had participated in Inter School Sports at the Divisional Level.

The cultural events of the day included various dances, aerobics, yoga demonstration, pyramid formation, and skating by students across various sections in school. The crowd cheered the students when they witnessed the students competing in relay, slow cycling and balancing the pot.

All the winners were awarded with medals and certificates and the house which bagged the maximum score was Cauvery House.

The Chief Guest gave an inspiring speech to the students and also expressed his appreciation for managing such a big event with our modest playground capacity.

Lastly the vote of thanks was given by the sports captain, Preethi P and the sports meet was declared closed after the captains and physical instructors handed over the flag to our Principal, Mrs. Gowri Kumari.

It was heartening to see the students cheering for their friends and the pride in the winners for their contribution to their house scores. Yet another sports day was successfully orchestrated, with the team work and cooperation of the staff and students of the school.